About the Project

The mission of G2C2 is to provide high quality educational resources for group instruction or self-directed learning in genetics/genomics by health care educators and practitioners. The G2C2 solicits, reviews and organizes resources through an interdisciplinary collaborative exchange.

Genomic applications in healthcare are increasingly relevant to the day-to-day delivery of care to patients by all health care professionals. There was a strong interest in having a centralized web resource for educators that could facilitate communication, development, and dissemination of educational resources and approaches to achieve genetic/genomic competency.

The Genetics/Genomics Competency Center is:

  • Created to provide healthcare professionals with a learning management system
  • Based on a core set of competencies that organizes genetic/genomic educational materials
  • Streamlined to facilitate standardized curriculum development, and
  • Designed to enhance efforts to develop trans-disciplinary approaches to genetics/genomics education